I am excited to announce that as of this week I have accepted a full time position with The Scotch Malt Whisky Society of America. I will be working with the Society grow the membership base across the USA by sharing my genuine passion and enthusiasm for single cask whisky and the community that surrounds it. In addition to growing the Society, I will also be serving as a point of contact for all Society members, providing more context around each monthly outturn to ultimately help them select the single cask spirit they would enjoy most. It goes without saying this is a dream opportunity for me. I fell in love with the Society when I became a member last year and could not be more excited to work behind the scenes with what I find to be some of the most remarkable whisky in the world.

So what does this all mean for The Single Malt Alliance? Well I’m pleased to say it will be business as usual over here. The great thing about the Society is that it bottles single cask spirits from almost every distillery in Scotland and beyond. You may be seeing some more content related to Society whisky on this page but I’ll also continue exploring whisky from everyone, distilleries and other independent bottlers alike. So with that said, thank you to everyone who has supported The Single Malt Alliance the last couple years. I would be remiss not to acknowledge that this opportunity has largely because of you. Get ready for more in-depth content all related to our mutual love for great whisky.

Slàinte, Ben

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